Mark Six / Hong Kong Lottery

How to get more money in Hong Kong Mark Six lottery, with mathematical analysis

study realized on 2012

Mark Six (Chinese: 六合彩) is a lottery game organized by the Hong Kong Jockey Club. Mark Six is a lottery style game where players guess what numbers will be drawn out of a lottery machine. The lottery machine is a transparent plastic sphere which contains colored balls numbered 1 to 49. The sphere is rotated to provide randomization in the drawing process. Players choose six numbers out of a possible 49. Each selection of the numbers costs 5 HKD and is one selection of the results of the lottery draw. In the draw, 7 numbers are drawn. The first six numbers drawn are called the "drawn numbers". The last one drawn is called the "extra number". Often, in Cantonese this number is called a 'half number'.

First, some precisions: it's useless to study the frequency of each number drawn. A number which hasn't drawn often will not have more opportunities to be drawn than other numbers on the next draw. All combinations are the same opportunities to be drawn (1 opportunity on 14.000.000). The opportunity have not memory!

How to increase its prize ? People play often some combinations and some numbers (13,...). In each draw the prize are distributed between the winners. So you get more money if you play a combination never or rarely played.

For example:

September 16 2007: 5 numbers allow to earn 14,230 HK$ (334 winners)

August 26 2007: 5 numbers allow to earn 75,075 HK$ (54 winners)

You can see that you can get 5 times more money if you play some combinations ! Nevertheless you need to find these combinations...

The summary on the Mark six' study: I unloaded the file of all combinations drawn since the beginning. Then I incorporated the data prize and the number of winners in each draw. My program has analyzed the 14 million combinations: each combination is compared with the combinations drawn; and even if this combination studied is never drawn we can deduce by extrapolation how many players had bet on this combination.


I found the 1000 combinations the least played: you will get one of these 1000 combinations:

Entrez votre ticket d'accès

This combination acquired is randomly between the 1000 combinations the least played. None other know this combination except you ( I will not attribute this same combination to other person ). The calculations will be updated every year. ;-)

Good luck !

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